Qatar’s Passivhaus Proves Green Building Need Not Be Costly


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Passive House in hot climates is a hot topic at the moment. Here in Australia, most of the country experiences some pretty warm weather, in many locales all year round. The most often asked question a Passive House practitioner hears Down Under: “doesn’t Passive House only apply to cold climates?”. The answer: a definitive and resounding NO.

Although there are no certified Passive House buildings in Australia just yet, there are many in the works. Word-of-mouth tells us there are 20 or more in all stages of design and construction, and perhaps even some that have been completed and in operation for years.

A recent article on a demonstration green building opened in Qatar this week shows us another example of a Passive House in a hot and demanding climate, and also proves that sustainability measures need not be economically onerous during the construction phase.

According to the Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC), the nation’s first Passive House proves that some green building measures only require a modest increase in capital costs. This supports information coming out of Europe, where long-term data shows a 3-8% cost premium. Many Passive House buildings have even been realised at no extra cost.

See the full article on Design Build Source for more details. We’ll be keeping an eye out for some positive results of their comparative study!

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  1. Reblogged this on Innate Ecology and commented:
    Many people believe the Passive House Standard is only applicable in cool to cold regions. However the standard has also been applied successfully in hot and tropical climates and is therefore well suited to the varying Australian regions.

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